Vendor Instructions

Color 1 Gallery is a print fulfillment service available for free to customers of Color 1 Photo.  It is a great way to sell prints to the public and a great way to order discounted reprints for yourself. If you are an artist or photographer interested in purchasing prints, or selling prints to the public, register to be a vendor:

1. Register to be a vendor
2. Check your email for approval link
3. Login to your Dashboard
4. Edit your Store Settings & Profile
5. Enter your Pay-Pal email address
6. Save your settings

How to Register (Video)

Private Reprint Store

Color One will create your private reprint store with archived files from your previous orders. We will email a link to you allowing you to access your store. (You must log-in in to access your private store).

Public Vendor Store

After a product page has been created in your private reprint store you can request to publish the product, into your public vendor store. Vendor Store products are for sale to the public with print fulfillment by Color One. Vendors can choose their commission level per product page. Vendors receive commission payments per sale via PayPal account transfers.

To remove products from your vendor store simply delete the product page from your administrator dashboard.

Upload a New Image file

If you want to add an image file into your private reprint store (that Color One does not have archived).

1. Go to the Vendor Upload Page.
2. Enter your Name & Image Title
3. Upload Image File

Creating Product Pages

Color One will create and publish product pages for you for free. If you are a vendor and want to create your own product pages, please contact us before you do, and if you do, follow these guidelines.

Do not upload high resolution images through your dashboard. Images uploaded directly into your media library should not exceed 600 pixels. Only low resolution images are allowed on the website server.

A high resolution file must be on archive with Color One before a product is available in your store.

High resolution files can be uploaded via the Vendor Upload Page.

There are three important product page distinctions between private and public products. Be sure to understand and assign the following attributes carefully when creating product pages. All products must be submitted for approval before being published.

Understanding Stores & Products

There are two types of stores and products;

1. Private stores with private products
2. Public stores with public products

1. Your Private Reprint Store: Products are sold by Color One to you at wholesale pricing.
2. Your Public Vendor Store: Products are sold to the public at wholesale pricing + vendor commission.

Commission amounts are chosen by the vendor per product page when published. Your default commission can be changed simply by contacting us with a commission preference.

Private Reprint Store:

Category = Your Name
Vendor Name = Blank
Assign Size/Pricing + 0 (no commission)

Public Vendor Store:

Assign Category = Art or Photo
Vendor Name = Your Name
Assign Size/Pricing + (your commission)

Contact us with Questions