Vendor Instructions

Color 1 Gallery is a print fulfillment service with free e-commerce for artists and photographers. We provide the e-commerce, printing, and shipping. You provide the images and get 50% commission per sale deposited into your PayPal account. Sell your art online with a Color 1 Gallery Vendor Store. It’s Free!

1. Register to be a vendor
2. Wait for approval email
3. Login to your dashboard
4. Enter vendor information
5. Promote your vendor store

How to Register (Video)

There are two types of stores: private stores & vendor stores

1. Private Store
  • A private store allows you to buy reprints at special pricing.
  • Private stores are password protected and not visible to the public.
  • Private stores are available to customers of Color One, by request.
  • Private store sales allow for local pickup and quantity discounts.
2. Vendor Store
  • A vendor store provides e-commerce and print fulfillment by Color One.
  • Commissions are 50% of the sale price transferred to the vendor’s PayPal account.
  • Vendors can login to administer their stores via the vendor dashboard.
  • Vendor store sales do not allow for local pickup or quantity discounts.
How it works:
  1. Register to be a vendor or request a private reprint store.
  2. Upload your images at the Color 1 Photo Gallery Upload
  3. Color One will create your store and add your products.
  4. Publish products from your private store to your vendor store.
  5. Vendors can login to access the vendor dashboard.
  6. To remove products simply delete them from your vendor dashboard.
  7. To completely delete your account, contact us.

Uploading New Image files

  • To add new images into your store, you can use the Gallery Upload Page at Color 1 Photo
  • Your Color 1 Photo Vendor-Upload order will be copied into your Color 1 Gallery Vendor Store.
  • The Vendor-Upload is free but must be ordered while logged into your Color 1 Photo account.
  • Upload each image and add it to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout to complete the order.
  • Please title your file(s) with your name and image title(s) before uploading: YourName-ImageTitle.jpg

Vendor Upload (Video)

The Color 1 Photo Gallery Upload Page:

Creating Product Pages

If you are a vendor and want to create your own product pages, please contact us before you do. Though you can create product pages as a vendor, we recommend having us create them. You can simply upload your image file and we’ll let you know when your product page is ready. If you think we have your image file from a previous print order, contact us and we’ll take a look.

Do not upload high resolution images through your vendor dashboard. Images uploaded directly into your media library should not exceed 600 pixels. Only low resolution images are allowed on the website server.

Contact us with Questions

Commissions are set at 50% of Gallery Pricing and deposited into Vendor’s PayPal account.